What's the difference?

Maintaining The Plant as a Whole

All our products are known as spagyric extracts. This includes an alcohol extraction and a mineral extraction. In this way the pH of our extracts is naturally balanced for increased absorption and bio-availability. 

The spagyric process is a process of separating each group of components, then purifying and recombining them together. The spagyric process is key to making herbs effective on your body, and spirit.

The Spagyric Collective
Two Reasons to Donate:

1. The Herbal Initiative
You can donate towards The Spagyric Apothecary to help the less fortunate afford these extracts. This money will be reserved for people who contact us, yet cannot afford to buy these herbal preparations. This will further educate people about herbs through experience and provide these extracts to people who may need them most.
If you feel you fit this category, please email us at spagyricapothecary@gmail.com to apply for donated extracts (limit is $60/month/person) 
*depends on donation money available*

2. Research & Development
Donate towards The Spagyric Apothecary to help fund research and development of new alchemical extraction methods and products.

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